A Wanderin'

Zack Lyde

Co-Founder & Contributing Writer

MAAFA Screams News

Spring 2020 Edition


a portrait of Tunis Campbell
a portrait of Tunis Campbell

Taken from our home lands

so we could be your free hands

Your experiment in changing our character from being a human man left us working your sand day and night

That ain't right

Now your pretense is that slavery is out of sight

Well your lies about slavery being over can be seen, cause you drive a Land Rover

While we jog for our health

You run us down-kill us to keep your wealth

Tunis Campbell taught us well

Develop and control to keep from living from this kind of hell

Keep the Buckra from sitting a spell-

for he will declare your place his as well

Ask the native people about their pain

'cause they made that mistake and lost all they'd gained

Now that we down in the valley trying to get home

let us try a new thing, so we'll no longer continue to roam